The AdEcho affiliate program is the ultimate win-win business opportunity. As an affiliate you will help businesses discover this amazing new advertising system, while at the same time being generously rewarded every time a business signs up. There is absolutely no fee to join the AdEcho affiliate program nor is there any minimum amount of sales one must generate to remain an affiliate.

Why AdEcho?

  1. AdEcho is a fair, cost effective advertising system designed to give business owners the maximum exposure at the absolute lowest possible cost.
  2. Advertising is something most businesses can use more of. Unlike most other products or services whereas a business owner only needs one, when it comes to advertising most businesses rely on more than one source to get their business out there.
  3. AdEcho pays all its affiliates once a week and you can track all your sales in real-time anytime.
  4. AdEcho's sales page features a powerful video presentation as well as a detailed sales page that explains the potential advertiser the benifits of the AdEcho system. Any sensible business owners would see the immediate benefit of advertising on the AdEcho system.
  5. AdEcho is new, the concept is new, this means you are not trying to promote something that others have been trying to sell forever.
  6. Great source of recurring income, advertisers will see results and many will build sites using the system. Given the current temporary low price point vs. the amazing quantity of benefits, you can expect many business owners, to remain advertisers for a long time.
  7. AdEcho's affiliate program features a 50/50 recurring revenue share split, and we will do whatever we can to help you promote this great service. In simple terms, if you manage to signup 3 customers a day and they join using the monthly recurring option, After 6 months your weekly payout is over $2,300.00. Obviously this is a hypothetical example and you can be generating more or less sales, in addition some might cancel etc. But we used this example so you can easily realize, how financially rewarding promoting a great advertising service can be. Should your referrals decide to join using the annual pay program, your commission will be approximately $139 for that sale. In simple terms, if you sign-up just 8 businesses a week using the annual pay plan, your commission check that week will be over $1,100.
  8. AdEcho pays you 10% off any sales of affiliates you refer. What this means is, that should you refer a friend or business associate to promote the AdEcho program, you will earn 10% off any sales they generate!

Who should join?

The AdEcho affiliate program is open to everyone there are no costs whatsoever to join. Obviously we do not allow spamming or any other marketing methods that are against the law or simply not ethical.

There are two types of affiliates that are the best match when it comes to promoting the AdEcho advertising system, online promoters and offline promoters:

Example of online promoters:

In addition, it's important to remember, there are over 20 million small businesses in the USA alone, so if you have any web presence that has traffic, there is a good chance that some of your visitors are business owners.

Example of offline promoters:

Offline promoters should also offer to help the business owner setup their ad. Although it's a simple thing to do, we must remember, small business owners have plenty to deal with as is, anything we can do to make things easier for them is a big plus.

When contacting a business please research what domains AdEcho has that might interest them the most, for example, if you are contacting pizza shops make sure to mention early on in the conversation, that you can get them listed on plus over 2,000 other websites. Remember, even if they have no website AdEcho includes a free site and hosting as part of their package.

The time is now!

AdEcho is a new opportunity, smart business owners will advertise now, and take advantage of the low introductory price and limited ad competition. While smart affiliates, will start promoting AdEcho now,and reap the rewards of being part of this great service early on. Timing really does matter when it comes to being successful, and right now is the time to join AdEcho!